With the passage of time, number of child abuse cases reported has been growing exponentially. Zainab Ansari, a 6 year old Pakistani girl left this world leaving a mark on people’s heart. She was on her way for Quran recital when she was abducted. She was raped, murdered and then she was thrown into a heaped pile of trash. This horrendous act was done by non-other than her own relative. It has been reported that 65%of the children are raped by their relatives. Later on a 16year old girl was raped in Sargodha and a day after this incident; a 13 year old boy was intoxicated and sexually assaulted by 2 men. Such events led to an outcry, protest and instability in the society.

Although Pakistanis do not trust their police force but regardless, we still have a small portion in our heart that hopes that they will do justice. This 1% hope got shattered when, on September 2018, a police official raped 6year old girl in Dera Ghazi Khan. Even her family members were not able to retaliate in fear of becoming intimidated and harassed by the police force.

To put a halt to such foul act Imran khan showed his concerns during a cabinet meeting and instructed the ministry of law, human rights and interior to evaluate such cases and look further into minor’s law. They are working together in order to come up with a plan to eradicate such fear in the society.