Samsung is working in a complete secrecy on their next smart phone project i.e. Samsung Galaxy S10. According to media reports the Galaxy S10 is rumored to be named “Beyond”. When the Galaxy S10 is going to launch? How much will it cost and which innovations are we looking forward to? Below are answers to the most important questions about the S9 successor.

When Galaxy S10 will launch?

The Galaxy S10 is probably not going to release before spring 2019. Generally, Samsung uncovers its new best cell phone on the eve of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​which happens every year in February or March. This year the MWC will begin on the 25th of February. We therefore expect the presentation of the Galaxy S10 on February 24, 2019. The release is going to be in March or April.

Although there were rumors in the meantime that Samsung will bring the S10 already in early January in the trade and will show instead the fold-able Smartphone Galaxy X at the MWC. But apparently this was just a duck.


A suggested retail price for the Galaxy S10 does not exist yet. Finally, the smartphone from Samsung has not been officially announced. However, it can be assumed that the price will be at the level of its predecessor. The Galaxy S9 came here in April 2018 for Rs.95,000 in the trade. We are assuming that the price of the S9 successor is going to be more than Rs.100,000 or going to be same as the price of S9.



o   Adoptable Storage

o   Mini Variant

o   4K-Display

o   Fingerprint scanner

o   Variant with flat screen

o   Triple Camera

o   Flexible Display  

Will there be a Galaxy S10 Plus and a Galaxy S10 Mini?


Traditionally, Samsung released two models of its Galaxy S. Until the Galaxy S5, this was a compact offshoot called the Galaxy S mini. Since the Galaxy S8, however, the second Galaxy S model offers a larger screen and is nicknamed “Plus”. A Galaxy S Edge model was only available on the Galaxy S6 and S7. Since the Galaxy S8, all Galaxy S models feature such a screen with beveled screen edges

This year, Samsung will apparently now publish three Galaxy S10 models, according to Chinese regulatory documents, which are available on the net. The third model should be a cheap lite version of the Galaxy S10 (Plus). Still open under which name the version is marketed.


Although it is still a few months until the release of the Galaxy S10, there are already numerous rumors circulating about the design and features of the Samsung smartphone in the network. We’ll keep you up to date on all the news on the upcoming Samsung smartphone to date and give an assessment of what rumors you can trust and what you should consider with skepticism. For a better overview we have divided the rumors into the categories “Design”, “Display”, “Camera”, “Processor”.


According to Chinese media, Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh has announced that the design of the Galaxy S10 is going to be significantly different than S9.  This is not surprising. Every two years, Samsung usually has a major re-design in its Galaxy S series.


In mid-November, Samsung launched the Exynos 9820, the successor to the Galaxy S9 processor Exynos 9810. Although the South Korean manufacturer has not yet confirmed it, but we may assume that Exynos 9810 is going to be used in the Galaxy S10.


As reported by the Officials, the Galaxy S10 Plus could be equipped with a 6.44-inch display. Thus, the South Korean manufacturer would increase the image size compared to its predecessor by 0.24 inches. 



Samsung is planning four variants of the Galaxy S10. The top model is to offer a dual front camera and a quad camera on the back. The cheapest S10 Lite, however, only offer a front camera and a dual camera on the back. The regular S10 and S10 Plus are reportedly equipped with a dual front camera and a dual or triple camera on the back.